Research and Cooperation


Research Areas

  • Modern/Contemporary China and the world
  • Chinese foreign relations
  • U.S.-China relations 
  • Wellington Koo 
  • Christianity in China 
  • Treaties between China and  other countries 
  • Global modernity and Chinese historical sites 
  • Cultural heritage and international relations 
  • Philanthropy and Overseas Chinese

Forms of Cooperation

  • Sponsorship for visiting foreign professors and guest lecturers
  • Support scholarly symposia, research and publications
  • Establish domestic and international partnerships and exchanges
  • Support outstanding deserving international students who desire to pursue a higher education, graduate and post-graduate degree in Chinese history and culture, international relations, diplomacy and global studies at Shanghai University 
  • Facilitating study opportunities outside China for Shanghai University’s students in history  
  • Facilitate research and training opportunities for Shanghai University’s  history faculty outside China 
  • Promote the modern China and the world theme through teaching  curricula and research training programs